Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of School

Here I am on my first day of school! For breakfast I ate granola, peaches and peanut butter. Mostly peanut butter. Mommy stayed home from work so she could be the one who took me. I wore my turtle outfit (See Below). Mommy also let me bring my baby Abby. She doesn't like to wear clothes.

I had a very good time with my new friends. We read books and played outside. Ms. Tana and Ms. Julie are very nice. I love them! I admit, though, that I missed Mommy and Daddy a little bit.

On my second day of school, I cried, and they called Daddy. But I regrouped before he got there. Today, I convinced him that I would behave if he let me have my nah-nee (that's my pacifier). I was so good that Ms. Tana told Daddy that he should let me have it all the time! Good old Ms. Tana. I love her!

Overall, school is not so bad. For a job, it's one of the better ones I think.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Chat With Anna Rose - year 2

Daddy: So A-Ro, this has been quite an eventful year for you. You have learned to walk, talk, feed yourself, among other things. In your opinion, what has been your greatest accomplishment?
A-Ro: Funny you asked, I was just thinking about this yesterday while I was playing Happy Birthday on the piano. After some thought, it finally came to me. My greatest achievement this year is learning the fine art of manipulation. Without much effort on my part, I can basically get you to do whatever I want.
Daddy: True.
A-Ro: Don't take it personally. I plan to also use this skill on teachers, friends, and my future spouse.
Daddy: That's reassuring. Let's change the subject to letting go. During your first year of life, you were quite attached to things. What has been the hardest 1st year object to let go?
A-Ro: The first thing that comes to mind is my swing. I used to rely on it to rock me to sleep. However, I have adapted, quite well I might add, to stationary sleeping. Besides, my swing in the backyard is up for grabs any time I want to get a little fix for old time's sake. When it comes to vices, I admit I have become rather fond of my pacifiers. I call them my nah-nies. If it was up to me, I would have one in my mouth at all times. Really, I don't see the problem. You chew on pens. What's more sanitary? You tell me.
Daddy: Uh, let's move on. So this year, you have traveled many places: Denver, Key West, Columbus, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, the Outer Banks, Asheville, Boston. What have been your favorites and why?
A-Ro: That's difficult to ascertain. Every place has had its own lasting affect on me. I admit, I love to travel. This is a wonderful world we live in, you know? So much to experience. It's all not going to come to you. You got to go out there and live it!
Daddy: I've notcied you have quite a collection of books. Why do you think you have become such a voracious reader?
A-Ro: I wouldn't call myself voracious. It makes me sound inhuman. Put simply, I like to read. I have found that words and pictures awaken my imagination. They allow me to, to go back to our previous topic, go places. I am currently reading a book on worms. It's quite fascinating. Do you know they eat dirt? All this time I was avoiding it; they actually seek it out! Incredible really, when you think about it.
Daddy: I guess I never thought about it that way.
A-Ro: You should. One man's trash is another man's treasure. It's all in the way you look at it. Last night, I was listening to the air conditioning, and to me, it sounded exactly like two elephants having a conversation. I thought to myself, how interesting? The same noise can adjust the temperature and say "How are you?" in elephant.
Daddy: Hmm.
A-Ro: Think about it. So let me ask you something: what have you enjoyed about being a father?
Daddy: Oh, that's easy.
A-Ro: Well what?
Daddy: I don't know. Everything.
A-Ro: That's not an answer.
Daddy: You're putting me on the spot. It's not easy being put on the spot.
A-Ro: Deal.
Daddy: (sigh) I think my favorite part is getting to kiss your boo boos.
A-Ro: So you like it when I get hurt?
Daddy: No! No. I like, I don't know, being helpful.
A-Ro: That's your favorite part?
Daddy: I don't know. It's all pretty awesome. I think I'm better at asking questions. Do you think I could ask a question instead of having to answer?
A-Ro: (sigh) I suppose.
Daddy: What do you enjoy about being my daughter?
A-Ro: Getting my boo boos kissed. Ha! Just kidding. I have to admit, I've got it pretty good. I have a family that loves me and believes in me. I have great friends, great babysitters. I wear cool clothes and look good in about ten different hairstyles. I eat hotdogs, ice cream, and the equivalent of you eating a super-sized bag of potato chips every day, and still I'm like 5% on the weight chart. I get to swim, swing, slide, dance, play, run, hop, gallop, skip, crawl and watch cartoons (every once in awhile). Life is good. I really have no complaints. That is, except for the injustice of only getting to have my nah-nies when I go to sleep. But it's a small price.
Daddy: Is there anything else that you would like to add?
A-Ro: Do you think I could have just one nah-nie? Just for old time's sake. No, seriously. Just for fun. I won't tell mom, if you won't.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Best Weekend of My Life So Far

Young Life boasts the lofty promise that a week of camp will be the best week of your life. As a volunteer and staff person, I (Daddy) have given this guarentee hundreds of times. But coming home from Windy Gap after spending a weekend there with the family, I was hit with the sudden realization: my beautiful daughter sleeping in the backseat absolutely spent, glowing, Anna Rose had just had it - hands down the very best weekend of her nearly two years of life.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


My Mom gave me this stuffed monkey for Valentine's Day. When my Dad asked me what his name was, I said "Bobo." This is the first object I have ever named!

I got to play in the snow on Valentine's Day this year

I love playing dress up!