Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of School

Here I am on my first day of school! For breakfast I ate granola, peaches and peanut butter. Mostly peanut butter. Mommy stayed home from work so she could be the one who took me. I wore my turtle outfit (See Below). Mommy also let me bring my baby Abby. She doesn't like to wear clothes.

I had a very good time with my new friends. We read books and played outside. Ms. Tana and Ms. Julie are very nice. I love them! I admit, though, that I missed Mommy and Daddy a little bit.

On my second day of school, I cried, and they called Daddy. But I regrouped before he got there. Today, I convinced him that I would behave if he let me have my nah-nee (that's my pacifier). I was so good that Ms. Tana told Daddy that he should let me have it all the time! Good old Ms. Tana. I love her!

Overall, school is not so bad. For a job, it's one of the better ones I think.

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